Holiday Quilting Decor Ideas

holiday quilt deocrating ideas, valentines day wall hanging

There is something about homemade decorations that turns an ordinary house into a magical festive fairyland. Favorite figurines or ornaments that come out for a few weeks once a year quickly become beloved traditions to the young and young at heart, and are looked forward to with anticipation.

A festive and decorative quilt, made with care and love, carries a special meaning. Quilted  wall hangings are small enough to hang and can convey the holiday spirit in so many ways. An interactive count-down motif allows little hands to keep busy as their anticipation builds for a special holiday. Whether it’s decorating a Christmas Tree or adding Turkeys to a November calendar, a count-down hanging quilt makes the excitement of the season last longer.

Holidays like Halloween and Easter involve special bags or baskets used to collect wonderful sweet treats. A quilted trick-or-treat bag in orange and green fabric or a sweet quilted Easter Basket with a matching springtime dress, is sure to make these holidays even more memorable.

Valentine’s Day and Fourth of July are all about the symbols. Designs of bright hearts and old glory in red, white and blue can be found everywhere. A pretty quilted table cloth or runner is just the thing to capture the mood. Try a crystal bowl full of cherry red cinnamon hearts on a multicolored heart block placemat for a stunning and easy centerpiece.

Once the holidays are over, quilted decoration are easily stored and can act as cushioning for other more fragile ornaments.

Handcrafted and quilted decorations not only add a special touch of tradition to your family celebrations, but they will be passed down and treasured for generations to come.